Surface preparation before painting (chemical cleaning & sandblasting)

Flawless steel surface preparation

Peinture Rive-Sud offers impeccable chemical or mechanical surface preparation prior to paint application. Our industrial paint specialists will guide you through the appropriate stripping method for your project.

Chemical cleaning of your pieces to be painted

Chemical cleaning is achieved by washing with iron phosphate and other specialized products. This technique is normally used for newer, less damaged or more fragile parts.


This surface preparation process can also be beneficial for smaller projects. It is an effective cleaning process that poses no risk to the part being prepared.

Sandblasting as a preparation technique for your equipment

Sandblasting is a mechanical parts preparation technique that removes all traces of oil, grease, dirt, dust, scale, rust, paint or other corrosive products before applying fresh paint.


This cleaning process adapts to the characteristics of the parts to be painted, restoring them to their original appearance and preparing them for coating. Sandblasting improves the adhesion of the new paint to the various metal parts. This sanding method involves projecting steel dust at high speed onto the metal part.

SSPC-compliant sandblasting grades

The sandblasting levels are multiple and can be determined in conjunction with our experts, depending on the requirements of your parts to be painted. To do so, we follow the standards set by the SSPC (Steel Structures Painting Council).

SSPC Standards

Steel surface preparation


Solvent Cleaning


Hand Tool Cleaning 


Power Tool Cleaning


White Metal Blast Cleaning 


Commercial Blast Cleaning 


Brush-Off Blast Cleaning 


Near-White Blast Cleaning 


Bare Metal Power Tool Cleaning

After surface preparation, it’s time for paint

Once this expert surface preparation is complete, your pieces are ready and we’re ready to paint them

If required, we’ll also take care of packaging and timely shipping.