Surface preparation

PAINTING RIVE-SUD offers a preparation service of chemical or mechanical surfaces before the application of paint. Our industrial paint specialists will guide you in suggesting the proper stripping method for your project.

Chemical cleaning can be achieved by washing with iron phosphate or other products. This technique is more used for newer, less damaged or more fragile parts. This procedure can also be more advantageous for smaller projects and is an effective cleaning process that doesn’t pose a risk to the part in question.

Sandblasting is a mechanical part preparation technique that removes all traces of oil, grease, dirt, dust, scale, rust, paint and corrosive products depending on the desired degree of sanding.

The sanding cleaning process gives the parts their initial appearance by preparing them adequately for the coating application. Sandblasting improves the adhesion of the paint to different metal parts and is done by the projection of steel dust at high speed against the metal part.

The degree of sanding varies and can be determined jointly with our experts, according to the needs of our customers. To do this, we follow the standards set by the Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC).

In order to properly prepare and protect the parts with the application of paint, Peinture Rive-Sud masks the parts with the help of caps, disc or masking tape.

SSPC Standards:

Preparation of steel surfaces:


Solvent cleaning


Manual cleaning


Mechanical cleaning


White shot blasting


Commercial shot blasting


Soft shot blasting


Nearly white blasting


Mechanical cleaning with bare metal