Industrial Painting

Peinture Rive-Sud specializes in the application of electrostatic powder paint (thermo lacquering). The paint is in the form of a positively-charged powder by an electric field. The conductive part to be painted carries an opposite negative charge, which allows the powder to temporarily adhere to the part. The piece is then placed in an oven varying from 380° to 440° Fahrenheit, which allows the powder to melt and harden.

This technique is suitable for complex shapes and large volumes and is widely used in the industrial, commercial, residential, architectural and recreational sectors.

The quality of the paint depends on the quality of the surface preparation and the characteristics of the powder. The main resins used are epoxy, polyester, polyurethane, acrylic and mixed epoxy-polyester type. The use of a quality powder primer makes it possible to offer better characteristics of resistance to external conditions and oxidation.

In addition, this process offers many advantages:

  • This is a very rapid procedure as there is no drying period.
  • It offers excellent resistance to twists, impacts, heat, scratches, discoloration, chemicals and UV rays.
  • A completely uniform finish.
  • A wide choice of colours and finishes: metallic, smooth, textured, veined, glossy, semi-glossy, satin or matte.
  • Due to the absence of solvent and heavy metals, there is very little impact on the environment.
  • Improvement of safety at work by the absence of inhalation of chemical substances.